Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Turbo Chef Distributor Denver

One of the top names in modern quick cook restaurant equipment is Turbo Chef, and Culinary Solutions of Denver is pleased to be a local Turbo Chef Distributor because of the high quality cooking equipment it allows us to bring to our clients. 

Turbo Chef has been revolutionizing the rapid cook scene for 20 years now, since 1991, with some of the speediest ovens available that never sacrifice the food quality, because that’s what it really comes down to.  It would do your restaurant  little good to have your kitchen equipment cook things this quickly if it compromised the taste of what you offer your customers, but the ovens that we supply as a Turbo Chef distributor cook food that tastes as good if not better than food cooked in more traditional slower ovens. 

We offer a full line of Turbo Chef products from their space efficient i3 model that can still handle a half sheet pan while taking up less space,  to their full sized conveyor ovens which can cook up to 60 twelve inch pizzas in only one hour. 

Culinary Solutions is a full service distributor and we carry many lines besides the Turbo Chef, so contact us now for all your kitchen needs. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ventless Cooking Systems Denver

Culinary Solutions has the ventless cooking systems you need to improve efficiency, space, and productivity in your restaurant in Denver. Ventless cooking systems are one of the best equipment systems on the market currently. They will improve the design of your kitchen allowing for more space and maneuverability with the limited space available in most commercial kitchens.

In addition, ventless cooking systems are extremely efficient and money saving on the energy bill which is always a factor in any restaurant. Any lowering of the energy used in an establishment is a welcome change and can be for your commercial kitchen.

If you want to increase the effectiveness and quality of food in the kitchen and need to update old equipment anyway, consider the benefits of ventless cooking systems. Many of our clients have chosen to go with a ventless cooking system and been very pleased with the results. It is the way of the future; more and more efficient ventless cooking systems are being installed. To be on top of the competition and excel beyond your current status, call or email Culinary Solutions today!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Slimford Catering Grills Denver

Exciting NEWS: Culinary Solutions is a certified distributor of Slimford Catering Grills in Denver! We are so proud to have Slimford Catering Grills. They are made of excellent quality materials, stainless steel and wood, designed for simple, easy to transport even for one person. Slimford Catering Grills fold up easily and are ideal for outdoor events all over Colorado.

In addition Slimford Catering Grills deliver very efficient heat dispersion and are built to last for hours of continuous cooking time. The Slimfold 3 is built to last 12 ½ hours with only one 20-pound tank. The benefits do not stop there; the Slimford Catering Grills are very economical to run, leaving more cash in your pocket not spent of fuel. For barbeque and catering events, Slimford Catering Grills are a great choice in Denver.

We carry the full line of Slimford Catering Grills. If you do not see what you are looking for on the website, do not hesitate to call Culinary Solutions to see what other models are available for purchase in Denver. We can’t wait to get you started with a Slimford Catering Grill soon!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Commercial Refrigeration Distributor Denver

Culinary Solutions is the premier commercial refrigeration distributor in Denver. We carry all of the best brands and designs for your commercial refrigeration needs. Electrolux, TurboChef, Leer, US Refrigeration, Carroll Coolers, Kelvinator, and Kool It are a few of the top quality brands we distribute in the Denver Metro area.

We have been working as a commercial refrigeration distributor in Denver for many years and know the ins and outs of the commercial refrigeration business. We can make suggestions and guide you through the maze of options and lead you and your operation to the other side where all of your commercial refrigeration products work for you.

At Culinary Solutions we know how important it is to have good quality refrigeration, if fact it is the most essential piece of a successful operation. Therefore we urge our clients to consider one of the top brands of equipment and to let us be their commercial refrigeration distributor. We have the goods and you have the need. Let us work together and set you up with the most advances and efficient refrigeration equipment in Denver. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Catering Equipment Distributor Denver

For the best catering equipment distributor in Denver, call or email us at Culinary Solutions in Denver. We are glad to answer questions, assist with your catering equipment needs, and find you the right equipment to do your job well. We have lots of resources to use as we have been a catering equipment distributor for many years and it is what we love.

If you are in the market to expand or begin your business, let us be your catering equipment distributor. We love finding the best equipment that will work for you in whatever way you are expanding. At Culinary Solutions we do exactly what we say, we find the right solutions to propel your business forward as the best catering equipment distributor in all of Denver.

Let us help you be more successful in your catering business in Denver. We have lots of ideas and solutions and you can tell us what will work because you are important to us. We would not be here without the support of our customers and for that we are grateful. Let us be your catering equipment distributor and you will not be happier. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Electrolux Food Safety Equipment Denver

Food safety is one of the most important things in any restaurant kitchen, above even food quality. Electrolux food safety equipment is one of the most trusted and recommended brands in the industry, because their innovation and reliability has proven itself over time to produce some of the most effective equipment for keeping your establishment’s food at safe and healthy temperatures and moving that food quickly from hot to cold in order to reduce the chances of bacterial growth.  Culinary Solutions of Denver carries a large selection of electrolux food safety equipment, including their blast chiller that brings food from 90c degrees to 3c degrees in 90 minutes,  a number of temperature controlled chill units carefully calibrated for food safety,  as well as hot water sanitizers to keep all of your supplies and utensils germ free.

Culinary Solutions is proud to carry Electrolux food safety equipment as well as their other great food prep and storage options, one of the only brands which make such a complete line of kitchen equipment, making it possible to have your entire food service kitchen all supplied by one manufacturer.   Our staff looks forward to discovering how we can help you increase food safety and efficiency in your kitchen, so call for a consultation now. 



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