Thursday, August 18, 2011

Food Safety Equipment Denver

Food safety is one of the most pressing concerns of any restaurant or other business that serves food in any context, and the right equipment can ease many of those concerns.   At Culinary Solutions in Denver, we carry all the best and most reliable food safety equipment,  from the cooling and heating equipment to keep it all at temperatures that keep  bacteria from developing and the thermometer technologies to make sure they are working just so, to sanitizers, plate storage and all other manner of equipment designed to make your kitchen run clean, safe and healthy. 

Besides the things you can do to reduce contamination risks in the first place, like proper hand washing and sanitation, the next best way to ensure food safety is by ensuring your food spends as little time as possible in the temperature window that allows bacteria to flourish,   so professional food safety equipment such as a blast chiller than can bring your hot food to Three degrees C in 90 minutes or all the way down to negative 18 C in four hours can prevent food borne illness, because your food spends next to no time at bacteria friendly temperatures.  Culinary Solutions in Denver can help you determine the best food safety equipment for your operation. 




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